ACT, (Amwell Consultancy & Training Ltd.), are specialists in Marketing Strategy, Market Research and the development of Marketing Plans in both the public and private sectors

Principles of Marketing
Amwell Consultancy and Training Ltd (ACT) has a strong reputation in all areas of Marketing. Marketing is all about identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. It is so important that organisations ignore marketing at their peril. It is the key to survival. If you get the 4 P's right, then there is every possibility (probability?) that you will be successful - Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

Marketing is a positive business activity, which establishes, develops and satisfies both customer needs and wants. It is an intercommunications link provided by suppliers with a view to matching adequate supply with realistic demand, the reward for which is the operation of a profitable undertaking. ACT offers a wide-ranging service to Clients in the areas of Marketing and the development of Marketing Plans.

Market Research
Market research is the process of making investigations into the characteristics of given markets. For example, location, size, growth potential and observed attitudes. ACT has substantial experience in this area and our Lead Associate is Michael Mayers, who has a long track record of successful marketing and market research in the private sector. We have experience of devising, administering and analysing the results of questionnaires, conducting focus groups and consulting with users, non-users and lapsed users of products and services.

Marketing Strategy and the Marketing Plan
A Marketing Strategy is generally a written Plan, usually comprehensive, which describes all activities involved in achieving a particular marketing objective and their relationship to one another in both time and magnitude. A Marketing Strategy will include both short- and long-term sales forecasts, production and profit targets, pricing policy, promotional and selling strategy, staffing requirements, as well as the selected marketing mix and expense budgets.

Developing a Marketing Strategy
In simple terms, two related tasks are involved.
These are:
Select a target market or target markets in which the enterprise is to operate and
Develop a "Marketing Mix" for each target market selected.

Market Planning Process
In outline, the Market Planning Process comprises the following steps:
  • Gathering information on the external environment and the organisation internally
  • dentifying the major Strengths and Weaknesses of the organisation(internally) and the Opportunities and Threats externally (SWOT)
  • Formulating basic assumptions about key determinants of marketing success
  • Laying down market objectives for the organisation, based on the information gathered, the SWOT analysis and the assumptions made and formulating strategies
  • Devising detailed plans and programmes to accomplish objectives
  • Measuring progress towards the achievement of objectives, reviewing and amending the Plan as necessary
  • ACT is able to offer Consultancy support at every stage of this process.

Who are your Customers and how do you reach them?
You generally know who your customers are, but what about the non-users and lapsed users of your product or service? How do you reach them and what do they think of you? Know this and you can target them successfully.

ACT can help you with the following range of Consultancy and Training services:
  • Developing or revising Market Strategies
  • Drawing up a Marketing Plan
  • Guiding you through the Marketing Planning Process
  • Carrying out appropriate Market Research, using a variety of approaches including questionnaires (self-administered and administered via an intermediary, focus groups, etc.)
  • Who are your Customers and who does not use your services/buy your products and why?
  • Training and development opportunities in marketing

Keith Stevens, ACT Lead Consultant has a post-graduate Diploma in Marketing and holds the Distinction of coming "Top in the World" in the 1990 Dip.M Examinations - top out of 4,500 students worldwide! He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Recent Clients include:
Rosti (Wembley) Ltd
South Lanarkshire Council
London Borough of Lambeth
Swindon BC - Steam Museum

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