ACT (Amwell Consultancy & Training Ltd.) has extensive experience in Performance Management having been involved in its implementation from the outset. Keith Stevens was a Lead Trainer with the DfES for Performance Management and was an Accredited Performance Management Consultant (PMC), External Adviser and Threshold Assessor. Keith continues to act as an External Advisor to many schools in London and the Eastern Region. He is also an accredited Assossor for the Advanced Skills Teacher and Excellent Teacher programmes.

When Tony Blair stated before the 1997 General Election that his three main priorities were "Education . Education . Education", he set a very clear agenda for the direction and focus of education services in the UK. One clear plank of the Government's agenda concerned the raising of Standards in education and resources have been allocated with a view to achieving that aim. Many Headteachers and Governors would dispute that more resources are actually available for this purpose! However it is clear that substantial investment has occured in improving the infrastructure with which education takes places.

The Government identified that Performance Management has a clear role to play in the raising of Standards and have invested heavily in the concept.

Performance Management
Keith has assisted over 170 schools in respect of Performance Management since the initiative was originally launched. He has worked within both the State and the Independent School Sectors. His work has been with Governors, Head teachers and staff.

AST and ET Programmes
Keith is also an accredited asesessor for both the Advanced Skills Teacher and the Excellent Teacher programmes.

Act offers a mentoring and coaching service to senior staff in education, including head teachers and Senior Management Teams.

INSET for Teachers and Governors
ACT is able to offer a wide range of INSET opportunities covering performance management, the setting of objectives, progression up the Upper Pay Spine (UPS), effective School Improvement Plans and advice and guidance on senior appointments.

Excellence in Cities
ACT has worked on the setting up of a City Academy in West London under the Excellence in Cities programme. We have experience of advising on both the curricular and community aspects of such schemes.

PFI Bids
ACT can also offer a consultancy service for authorities and schools considering a PFI route to the improvement of infrastructure. Keith has worked with Mott Macdonald and Kier Eastern on such schemes.

CfBT and CEA
ACT has worked closely with CfBT and CEA. Keith was a Lead Trainer with CfBT and operates as one of its Associate Consultants, often on training programmes within education, although not solely. Keith has worked with CEA on Threshold and External Adviser projects.

Reviews of 14-19 Education
ACT has worked with Nexus, consulting on a review of 14-19 education with the City of Sunderland.

Business Planning and Feasibility Studies
An effective business plan is the key tool in the development of any business and it is something that needs to be kept continually under review. In addition, no new service or activity should be developed without a comprehensive business plan being devised. In order to inform the process, it is essential that feasibility studies are carried out and ACT is able to assist with this.

Transfer of Staff under TUPE
ACT is able to effect the transfer of staff from the public sector to a charitable institution. Keith worked with the Connexions service in Norfolk to transfer a number of staff, under TUPE, to The Exchange, where they will be carrying out similar duties. Keith was able to ensure that the staff were able to remain within the Local Government Pension Scheme - LGPS.

ACT can help you with the following range of Consultancy and Training services:
  • Researching and producing feasibility studies and business plans for new services or activities
  • Carrying out business reviews and providing appropriate support
  • Assisting with product development and marketing
  • Providing business plans and feasibility studies to support bids for external funding such as national Lottery, Excellence in Cities and other funding regimes.
  • Funding Regimes-There is a myriad of funding regimes available and which can be very time consuming to research and prepare bids and there is no guarantee of success. Even if you are successful, there is a significant resource implication in managing and monitoring the bids.
ACT can help you with the following range of Consultancy and Training services:
  • Analysing needs and identifying the most appropriate action programmes
  • Evaluating projects and providing bid guidance and preparation, against the stated criteria
  • Submitting bids with, and on behalf of, the Client organisation to the regimes' guidelines
  • Identifying and building partnerships
  • Providing programme support to the Programme Managers
  • Carrying out policy and programme reviews to identify obstacles to implementation and the options which facilitate service delivery
  • Developing and training staff involved on the programmes.
Recent School Clients include:
The Abbey School Reading (right)
Southend High School for Girls
Evelyn's Academy (West London)
Marriott's' School (Stevenage)
Hillside Primary School
The Guitar Institute (Acton) and Cameron House School in London.

LEA Clients include:
Wokingham District Council and Swindon Borough Council.
City of Sunderland LEA

Education Agencies include:
CEA (Cambridge Educational Associates)
CfBT (The Centre for British Teachers)
Learning and Skills Council (LSC)
Teacher Training Agency (TTA)
The Basic Skills Agency (BSA) and the University of Wolverhampton
The Exchange

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