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ACT, (Amwell Consultancy & Training Ltd.), are specialists in Management, Human Resources, Training and Development in both the public and private sectors.

Human Resource Development and Management
Amwell Consultancy and Training Ltd (ACT) offers a wide ranging service to Clients in the areas of Management and the effective use of Human Resources. Staff are the most important resource you have in your organisation and you ignore them at your peril. But do you develop your managers and your staff? What assistance do you actually give them? Could you do more? ACT believes very strongly in the Continuous Professional Development of staff and works with managers and supervisors to achieve this. Could we help you?

ACT can help you with the following range of Consultancy and Training services:
  • Compiling skills audits and training needs assessments
  • Carrying out management reviews and restructurings
  • Devising appropriate staff management systems
  • Devising appraisal systems
  • Preparing staff handbooks
  • Offering Coaching and Counselling sessions to staff at all levels in the organisation - up to Chief Executive level.
  • Advising on staff communication systems, including the effective use of e-mail and newsletters, for example
  • Working with staff to ensure that fair recruitment and selection techniques are being utilised, including the provision of appropriate courses when necessary
  • Advising on the recruitment and selection process for senior staff
  • Advising on employment issues, including redundancy and dismissal, to ensure that the organisation is not put at risk with regard to possible Industrial Tribunals
  • Carrying our training and development sessions on management and related issues.

Four Functions of Management
Management is centrally concerned with four functions - planning, organising, leading and controlling. It is through these four functions that organisational goals can be achieved. Getting things done through people and other resources and providing direction and leadership is what Managers do.

Keith Stevens is seen here working with a group of senior managers in an LEA on planning the next stage of the service's development.

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ACT can help in these four areas:

  • Planning - the management function concerned with defining goals for future organisational performance and deciding on the tasks and resource needed to attain them
  • Organising - the management function concerned with assigning tasks into departments and allocating resources to departments
  • Leading - the management function that involves the use of influence to motivate employees to achieve the organisation's goals
  • Controlling - the management function concerned with monitoring employees' activities, keeping the organisation on track towards its goals and making corrections as needed
  • Working with you as a member of YOUR team, we can make a difference in all these areas, which translates to your "bottom line".

Efficiency, Effectiveness and Performance
ACT can assist your organisation become more goal directed and strategically focused, whilst at the same time not losing sight of operational and day-to-day issues. The aim is to make the organisation more effective - that is, it achieves its stated goals (and ideally exceeds them!) Contributions to the efficiency of an organisation are always welcome. Efficiency is about achieving the stated goals of the organisation with the use of minimal resources - materials, money and people.

The ultimate responsibility of managers is to achieve high performance which is the attainment of organisational goals by using resources in an efficient and effective manner. A manager's job is complex and multi-dimensional and requires a range of skills - conceptual skills, human skills and technical skills. ACT can help managers in all three areas. The application of these skills changes as managers move up the organisation

Our Lead Consultant, Keith Stevens, is an experienced Manager in both the public and private sectors. He is currently External Examiner to Writtle College in Chelmsford for their DMS and CMS programmes. He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and was, until recently, Chairman of the local Branch of the CMI.

Recent Clients include:  

Henman Green Ltd
CAB - Harrow
Rosti (Wembley) Ltd
Wokingham District Council

The Exchange
LB Lambeth
Writtle College
Swindon Borough Council

Interim Management
There are occasions within every organisation when a need arises for a short-term injection of new skills or to cover for an illness or vacancy. ACT can help you fill that gap by offering an Interim Management Service. Please contact us to discover if we can help you. ACT has access to a wide range of suitably qualified and experienced managers who may just be right for your particular project. ACT has specific experience of Project Management, including many schemes that have been multi-disciplinary and with large budgets.

In addition, Keith Stevens often works with a number of agencies (including Veredus, SOLACE and Ashton Penney) in providing interim support to local authorities. Recent clients include: Swindon BC, LB Havering, Hull and East Riding Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder, and Breckland.

Transfer of Staff under TUPE
ACT is able to effect the transfer of staff from the public sector to a charitable institution. Keith worked with the Connexions service in Norfolk to transfer a number of staff, under TUPE, to The Exchange, where they will be carrying out similar duties. Keith was able to ensure that the staff were able to remain within the Local Government Pension Scheme - LGPS.

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